MedAlert: Your Trusted Partner in Medical Alert Technology

Welcome to MedAlert, where we're committed to enhancing the safety and independence of seniors with our innovative Personal Medical Alarm 4G. Our compact, wearable device offers reliable GPS tracking, an automatic fall alert system, and the ability for two-way emergency communication with up to three phone numbers.

With MedAlert, you'll experience peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are protected, wherever they may be.


Senior Citizens

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MedAlert is a trusted provider of innovative medical alert systems and solutions targeted at a growing and often vulnerable demographic - senior citizens. Recognizing the unique challenges that our elders face, particularly those living independently or managing chronic health conditions, MedAlert commits to ensuring their safety and promoting their independence. We serve not only seniors but also caregivers and family members, helping them to rest easy knowing that their loved ones have an immediate lifeline in case of emergencies.


Our flagship product is a Personal Medical Alarm 4G Pendant, ingeniously designed with features aimed at protecting seniors and providing them a better quality of life. The pendant is equipped with GPS positioning, fall detection, and an SOS alert button, enabling real-time tracking and immediate assistance when needed. What sets this medical alert system apart is its ability to initiate a two-way call with up to three phone numbers in emergencies, ensuring immediate connection and support for the wearer.


The functioning of our device is straightforward yet effective. When the pendant's SOS button is pressed, or a fall is detected, an alert is sent out via the 4G network. This alert includes the wearer's precise GPS location, helping family, caregivers, or emergency services to reach the individual promptly. Simultaneously, this medical alert system initiates a two-way call with pre-selected emergency contacts, enabling direct communication. This immediate, efficient response is key to the pendant's success in protecting our seniors and enhancing their independence.

Our Trusted Partners

Together with our trusted partners, we bring you quality, reliability, and peace of mind.

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Preserve Independence with MedAlert.

Our mission at MedAlert is to balance safety with independence. We want to empower seniors to live freely while giving peace of mind to those who care about them. Experience the new standard of care with the MedAlert medical alert watch, where senior independence meets state-of-the-art senior safety devices.

Elevating the Standard of Elderly Care Technology

At MedAlert, we're more than just a personal alarm for the elderly. We're a company devoted to enhancing seniors' quality of life. Our safety pendant is more than just a medical alert system - it's a lifeline connecting seniors with their families, caregivers, and emergency services.

The MedAlert Personal Medical Alarm is more than just an emergency calling device. The powerful GPS positioning allows caregivers and family members to track their loved ones, ensuring they're safe and secure wherever they are. It's a leap forward in GPS tracking for seniors, delivering real-time location updates when it matters most.

Experience the MedAlert difference today and give your loved ones the gift of safety and independence.