Ensuring Safety & Security with Medical Alarms for the Elderly

Getting older is a fact of life, but it shouldn’t hinder our ability to be independent. At MedAlert, we're dedicated to empowering seniors to live independently while ensuring their safety and well-being. Our medical alert watches act as medical alarms for seniors, providing a lifeline for older adults and offering peace of mind to both seniors and their caregivers. 


Senior Citizens

People with Disabilities

Young Children

Tailored Solutions for Independent Living

At MedAlert, we understand the importance of independent living for seniors. The comprehensive features of our medical alert device allow users to rely on our product wherever they are. Unlike standard, one-trick medical alarms for seniors on the market, our device can be used as a watch, health tracker, GPS, medication reminder, and more. Sleek, lightweight, and available in four colours, our medical alarms for the elderly are the top choice for medical wearables in Australia.

Advanced Features for Senior Safety

Our medical alarms for seniors offer dependable protection for seniors in their homes. With advanced features and user-friendly designs, our alarms provide reassurance to both seniors and their caregivers. From customisable settings to real-time monitoring capabilities, our alarms are equipped with a range of advanced features designed to meet the unique needs of seniors living autonomously. MedAlert’s commitment to excellence means that we strive to provide seniors with the most reliable and effective safety solutions available on the market. Here’s why our alarms are the preferred choice for ensuring the safety and security of older adults. 


Easy-to-Use Interfaces

Our medical alarms for the elderly feature simple interfaces, making them easy for seniors to use, even in times of distress. With large buttons and clear instructions, seniors can quickly summon help in an emergency. These intuitive interfaces are designed with seniors in mind, ensuring ease of use and quick access to assistance whenever needed.

Fall Detection Technology

One of the standout features of our alarms is fall detection technology, an essential feature for a medical alert for the elderly at home. Equipped with quality modern sensors, our fall alarms for the elderly can detect falls and automatically send alerts to caregivers or emergency services, ensuring rapid assistance. This advanced technology enhances the safety of seniors living independently, providing added peace of mind to both seniors and their loved ones.

Our Trusted Partners

Together with our trusted partners, we bring you quality, reliability, and peace of mind.

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Two-Way Communication

Our medical alert devices for seniors feature two-way communication, allowing seniors to speak directly with their caretakers or guardians in an emergency. This direct line of communication provides reassurance and support during scary and challenging situations. Whether it's a medical emergency or simply the need for reassurance, seniors can rely on our alarms to connect them with trusted contacts who can provide assistance and guidance.

Experience the Difference with MedAlert

Discover why MedAlert stands out as the trusted choice for medical alarms for the elderly. Our dedication to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction ensures you receive the best in senior safety solutions. With user-friendly devices, advanced features, and responsive customer support, we prioritise your safety and wellbeing above all else. Explore what our medical alarms for seniors have to offer and experience the reassurance that comes from knowing you're always protected, no matter the circumstances. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who rely on MedAlert for reliable and effective senior safety solutions.

What are medical alarms for the elderly?

Medical alarms for the elderly are personal alarm devices designed to provide immediate assistance in case of emergencies. They typically include features such as fall detection, two-way communication, and emergency alert buttons, enabling them to live independently at home.

How do medical alert devices for the elderly work?

Medical alert devices for the elderly typically consist of a wearable device, such as a bracelet or medical alert pendant, equipped with emergency alert buttons and sensors. In an emergency, the senior can press the button to trigger an alert to their primary contact, who can assess the situation and dispatch assistance as needed. Our medical alert bracelet allows users to customise their emergency contacts and is able to make two-way calls to up to three chosen phone numbers. 

Are medical alert wearables suitable for seniors with mobility issues?

Yes, our medical alert devices for seniors are suitable for those with mobility issues. They are designed to be lightweight and easy to wear, allowing seniors to keep them on at all times, even if they have mobility challenges. In case of an emergency, seniors can easily access the emergency alert button on their wearable device to summon help at any time.

Are medical alert devices for the elderly waterproof?

Yes, many medical alert devices for the elderly are waterproof or water-resistant, making them suitable for use in the shower, bath, or during water-related activities. Waterproofing ensures the device remains functional even in wet conditions, providing continuous protection for seniors at risk of slips and falls in the bathroom or other wet environments.

How do I choose the right medical alarm for an elderly loved one?

When choosing a medical alarm for an elderly loved one, consider factors such as the senior's mobility level, lifestyle, and specific medical needs. Look for features such as GPS tracking, fall detection, two-way communication, and waterproofing, and ensure that the device is user-friendly and easy for the senior to operate. Additionally, consider the reliability and reputation of the alarm provider, as well as any additional services or support offered.