24/7 Emergency Response Centre

For added security, consider our optional "Premium Emergency Response Centre" upgrade. This service enhances your subscription by directing emergency events to our dedicated 24/7 Call Response Centre. Here, experts assess each situation and take appropriate actions, whether it's notifying your emergency contacts or contacting emergency services.

24/7 Availability
Always there for you, any time, day or night
Experienced Call Handlers
Skilled professionals ready to assist
No Contract
Freedom with no binding commitments
Peace of Mind
Your safety and well-being, our top priority


24/7 Emergency Response Call Centre Service

Welcome to MedAlert’s exclusive 24/7 Emergency Response Call Centre Service, where your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities. This optional service is an extension of our commitment to providing unparalleled support for you or your loved ones in times of need. With our dedicated team of professionals, you can rest assured that help is always just a button press away.

Personalised Emergency Protocols

At MedAlert, we understand that each individual’s emergency needs are distinct. That's why our 24/7 Emergency Response Call Centre Service offers fully personalised emergency protocols. When you subscribe to our service, we collaborate with you to develop a customised plan that outlines the exact steps to be taken in various emergency scenarios.

This plan incorporates crucial information like your medical history, preferred hospitals, and specific instructions on how we should handle different types of emergencies. Whether it involves a medical issue, a fall, or simply needing reassurance, our trained professionals will follow your personalised protocol, ensuring the response is precisely tailored to your unique requirements.

Tailored Response: Guarantees the most appropriate and prompt action in an emergency, customised to your specific needs and preferences.

Comprehensive Information: Allows our team to have all necessary information readily available, including medical history and emergency contact details.

Adaptability: You have the flexibility to update your emergency plan at any time, accommodating any changes in your health or personal preferences.

Advanced Technology Integration

MedAlert’s 24/7 Emergency Response Call Centre isn’t just about having trained professionals available; it’s also about the seamless integration with your MedAlert device using state-of-the-art technology. Our sophisticated system ensures that when you activate the SOS button on your MedAlert device, the alert is instantly transmitted to our call centre with exceptional accuracy and speed.

Utilising the latest GPS tracking technology, we accurately pinpoint your location, ensuring rapid dispatch of help precisely where it’s needed. Moreover, our system is engineered to maintain a crystal-clear, two-way communication line, allowing you to speak directly with a professional while assistance is en route.

Rapid GPS Location Tracking: Quick and precise location tracking for expedited response times.

High-Quality Voice Communication: Assures clear communication between you and our call centre personnel.

Consistent Connectivity: Leverages Australia's robust telecommunications infrastructure for continuous and reliable connections.

This blend of personalised attention and advanced technological capabilities makes MedAlert's 24/7 Emergency Response Call Centre Service an exceptional choice for anyone who values their security and peace of mind.

Immediate Professional Assistance

In an emergency, every second counts. Our call center staff are trained to assess the situation quickly and provide immediate assistance, ensuring that you receive the help you need without delay.

24/7 Availability

Emergencies can happen at any time. Our call center operates around the clock, every day of the year, so you're never alone or without support.

Direct Connection to Emergency Services

If the situation warrants, our call center team can directly contact emergency services, providing them with your location and pertinent information to expedite their response.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We utilise advanced technology to ensure clear communication and fast response times. Our systems are regularly updated to maintain high standards of service.

Confidential and Respectful Service

Your privacy and dignity are important to us. All calls and information are handled with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

No Long-Term Contracts

Our service is flexible, with no long-term contracts required. You can opt in or out of the service as your needs change.

24/7 Emergency Response Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate the 24/7 Emergency Response Call Centre Service?

Activation is simple. Just opt for this service when you purchase or renew your MedAlert subscription, and we'll guide you through the setup process.

Is there an additional cost for this service?

Yes, this premium service is available for an additional monthly or annual fee, which will be detailed in your subscription plan.

Can I access this service if I’m traveling?

As long as the watch has its SIMS card replaced with that of a local SIM card with international calling enabled.

What happens during an emergency call?

Our trained professionals will assess your situation and either provide immediate assistance or contact emergency services based on your needs and response plan.

How does the call centre access my location?

The call center uses the GPS data from your MedAlert device to pinpoint your location in emergencies. (Please note, GPS tracking is not accurate when indoors, read more here: https://medalert.io/blogs/help-articles/gps-accuracy-of-our-smartwatches)

Can I customise whom the call centre contacts in an emergency?

Yes, you can set up a list of contacts for the call center to reach out to in emergencies, as per your customized response plan.

Is my personal information safe with the call centre?

Absolutely. We adhere to strict privacy policies to ensure your information is always protected.

What if I accidentally activate an emergency call?

If an emergency call is activated accidentally, simply inform the call centre operator, and they will cancel the alert.

Can the call centre assist with non-emergency issues?

Our primary focus is on emergencies. For general support or technical issues, please contact our regular customer service team.

How can I cancel this service if I no longer need it?

You can cancel the service anytime by contacting our customer support. Please be aware of any conditions or notice periods that may apply.