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Global 4G Coverage
Voice & Data SIM Plan Included
Live & Historical GPS Tracking
Enter/Exit Geofencing Alerts
Mobile App with Unlimited Users
100 Hour Battery Life
Heart Rate Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood Oxygen Monitor
Temperature Monitor
Medication Reminder
Sleep Cycle Monitor
30 Day Reassurance Guarantee

Full List of Features

4G SIM Included
Enjoy seamless connectivity with
our included 4G SIM
Global Coverage
Stay connected anywhere in the
world with our global coverage
2-Way Calls
Communicate effortlessly with our
2-way call feature
Voice & Text Chat
Stay in touch using both voice and
text chat capabilities
Live GPS Tracking
Keep track of your location in real-time
with live GPS tracking
Historical Tracking
Review your past movements with our
historical tracking feature
Set virtual boundaries and receive alerts
with our geofencing capability
SOS Button
In case of emergencies, press the SOS
button for immediate assistance
Mobile App
Manage all functionalities through
our user-friendly mobile app
Heart Rate Monitor
Monitor your heart rate and alert
if out of healthy range
Blood Pressure Monitor
Keep a check on your blood pressure
levels on the go
Blood Oxygen Monitor
Measure your blood oxygen levels
to ensure optimal health
Temperature Monitor
Stay informed about your body
temperature with consistent monitoring
Sleep Cycle Monitor
Understand your sleeping patterns better
with sleep cycle monitoring
Fall Detection
Get alerted instantly if a fall is detected,
ensuring your safety
Medication Reminder
Never miss out on your meds with
timely medication reminders
Track your daily steps and stay active
with our built-in pedometer
Sedentary Reminder
Get nudged to move around if you've
been inactive for too long
Low Battery Alerts
Stay informed with alerts when your
device's battery is running low
Multi Language
Catering to a global audience, our device supports multiple languages

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