Fall Detection Watch

In the vanguard of medical alert technology, MedAlert introduces its state-of-the-art fall detection watch. This piece is engineered to serve seniors and individuals with disabilities, offering much more than just timekeeping. It's a seamless blend of aesthetic appeal and life-preserving capabilities.

What Makes MedAlert Unique?

Primarily, MedAlert is a watch designed to detect falls, sending instant notifications to your set phone numbers. But it doesn't end there.

Besides its elegant look, it functions as an all-encompassing safety net, making sure help is always within quick reach, regardless of the circumstances. Falls and other emergencies can occur unpredictably, and MedAlert tackles this issue proactively.

Incorporating cutting-edge fall detection technology, it also offers other vital features such as GPS tracking, Geo-fence notifications, and heart rate tracking, all aimed at keeping its wearer secure, aware, and most importantly, safe.

Whether you're enjoying a casual walk, manoeuvring through bustling areas, or simply relaxing at home, MedAlert ensures unparalleled peace of mind. A single button press connects you to assistance, guaranteeing your safety is always a priority.

MedAlert Watch Features

MedAlert is not just another watch; it's a high-tech amalgam of design and utility, prepared to assist you during critical times. Below are the distinctive features that make this watch indispensable for those needing additional safety and comfort.

Two-Way Communication

Always be in touch. MedAlert’s two-way calling ensures you're never completely alone.

Emergency Alert Button

Unexpected emergencies can occur at any moment. The easy-to-press emergency button on MedAlert

GPS Tracking

Pinpoint your location with precision, crucial for those susceptible to becoming lost

Automated Fall Detection

Enhanced fall detection mechanism senses abrupt movements, automatically sending an alert.

Geo-Fence Notifications

Create secure zones and limits. If you move beyond these designated areas, the MedAlert device will send a warning

Battery Level Warning

MedAlert will notify you well before it needs recharging, ensuring you’re always prepared and protected.

Reminder Alarms

MedAlert also accommodates your daily schedules. Set reminders for medications, appointments, or other essential activities.

Locator Feature

The 'Locator' function allows you to swiftly find your MedAlert device, alleviating unnecessary anxiety.

Heartbeat Monitoring

Keep tabs on your cardiovascular health. MedAlert continually tracks your heart rate, notifying you of any irregularities.

Activity Tracker

Promote a healthier lifestyle with the device’s built-in step counter, inspiring you to remain active and fit.

Water-Resistant (IP67)

MedAlert can be submerged in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, suitable for showering or other water-related activities.

USB Charging Cradle

MedAlert comes complete with an easy-to-use USB charging dock, ensuring your device is always ready and within reach.

How Does MedAlert Work?

Operating MedAlert is straightforward in emergencies. Press the SOS button for approximately 3 seconds to connect instantly to your set phone numbers. If the device detects a fall, an automatic alert is sent to ensure timely assistance. Accidental alerts can be cancelled by pressing the SOS button again. With GPS capabilities, your location can be shared with our support team, ensuring prompt and accurate help.

Benefits of Wearing MedAlert

Enjoy Peace of Mind Knowing assistance is just a button away can relieve stress for both the wearer and their family.

Live Actively and Confidently

The security MedAlert provides allows people to engage in daily activities with increased assurance.

Track Daily Activities

Features like fall detection, two-way calls, and heart rate monitoring ensure prompt medical aid when needed, mitigating the impact of injuries or health issues.

Reliable and Timely Help

The device’s technology ensures quick alert delivery, and GPS allows precise location tracking for expedited assistance.

Unrestricted Freedom

MedAlert supports independence, allowing wearers to go about their daily activities without compromising safety.

Who Can Benefit from MedAlert?

MedAlert is versatile, catering to a broad audience by ensuring safety, independence, and tranquillity. Here are the groups that would benefit most from this innovative medical alert system:

For the Elderly

Older adults, particularly those living independently, will find an extra layer of protection, ensuring they can live freely yet safely.

For Individuals with Disabilities

Those facing mobility or balance issues can go about their daily lives with greater confidence.

For Retirement Communities

Our device serves as a valuable asset for communities housing seniors or those with health concerns.

For Caregivers

Caregivers can have peace of mind knowing their dependents have immediate access to assistance.

For People with Chronic Conditions

Individuals managing chronic health issues find MedAlert to be an invaluable companion, ready to assist when needed.

For Active Adults

Even for those without specific health issues, MedAlert offers a safety net for activities like hiking, jogging, or travelling.

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