Beware of Similar-Looking MedAlert Watches: Protect Your Safety

At MedAlert, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality personal medical alarms that offer reliable and essential features for our customers. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that there are other models on the market that have used the same casing as the MedAlert watch but are in fact very different in hardware and features. It is crucial to be aware of these differences to ensure you are getting the genuine MedAlert product.

Key Features of the Genuine MedAlert Watch

  1. Emergency Contact Sequencing: The genuine MedAlert watch is designed to call multiple emergency contacts in sequence until someone answers. This ensures that help is always within reach. Other models often only make one attempt to call a single contact, which significantly reduces the chances of getting immediate help in an emergency.

  2. Fall Detection: Our watch automatically calls an emergency contact when a fall is detected, providing an added layer of safety. Other models lack this critical feature, leaving users vulnerable in case of a fall.

  3. 4G Band 28 Cellular Frequency: The genuine MedAlert watch operates on the 4G band 28 cellular frequency. This is the predominant frequency in Australia, where 70% of Telstra cellphone towers operate. Other models do not support this frequency, meaning they will not function in most Australian cities or will have very poor signal reception.

  4. Battery Life: The genuine MedAlert watch has an impressive battery life, lasting on average 100 hours on a single charge. In contrast, other models typically need to be charged daily, making them far less convenient and reliable for continuous use.

  5. Refined Fall Detection Algorithm: The MedAlert watch includes a more refined fall detection algorithm, ensuring higher accuracy in detecting falls and reducing false alarms.

  6. Intuitive App: The MedAlert watch comes with an intuitive app that allows friends, family, and carers to monitor the wearer's location and health metrics. This app also enables communication via text and voice chat messages, providing a comprehensive support system for the wearer.

Why Choose the Genuine MedAlert Watch?

Reliability: Our watches are thoroughly tested and verified to meet high standards of quality and performance. Other models do not undergo such rigorous testing, leading to potential failures in critical situations.

Exclusivity: MedAlert does not have any resellers. The only way to purchase a genuine MedAlert watch is through our official website. This ensures that you receive an authentic product with full support and warranty.

Safety and Peace of Mind: When it comes to personal safety devices, cutting corners can have serious consequences. By choosing the genuine MedAlert watch, you are investing in a product that prioritises your safety and peace of mind.


How to know if you have a Genuine MedAlert watch:

Check the Seller: Always purchase directly from our website, MedAlert. If you see our product being sold elsewhere, it is likely an imitation unless it specifically says it is a genuine MedAlert product, and that the reseller is an authorised MedAlert distributor..

Price Differences: If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Imitation models are often sold at a lower price but lack some of the features that make the MedAlert watch great.

Verify Features: Ensure that the watch you are purchasing includes the features outlined above. If it does not offer emergency contact sequencing, fall detection, 4G band 28 support, long battery life, refined fall detection algorithm, and an intuitive app, it is not a MedAlert watch.



Your safety is our top priority. We understand that there are other medical alert watches out there that may look similar, but please be aware, they are in fact very different. Choose the genuine MedAlert watch for a dependable, feature-rich, and trustworthy personal medical alarm.

For more information or to purchase a genuine MedAlert watch, visit our official website.