Step 1: Charging the watch

  1. Locate the Charging Cable: Inside the box, you will find the charging cable. One end has a magnetic connector, and the other end is a standard USB plug.

  2. Connect the Cable: Attach the magnetic side of the cable to the back of your watch. This should snap into place easily due to the magnetic design.

  3. Plug into Power Source: Insert the USB end of the cable into a USB wall adapter (not included in the box). Then plug the adapter into a power outlet.

  4. Check Charging Status: Once connected to power, a battery icon will appear on your watch screen. This animated icon indicates that the watch is charging.

  5. Charging Duration: Allow the watch to charge for approximately three hours. You will know the charging is complete when the battery icon stops animating.

  6. Turning On the Watch: To turn on the watch, press and hold the side button for three seconds.

You have now successfully charged and turned on your smart watch. You are ready to proceed to the next step of the setup process.

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