Step 3: Download app

Welcome to the setup process for your smart watch. You have two options for programming your watch: doing it yourself or opting for our remote configuration service.

Option 1: Self-Programming

If you prefer to program the watch yourself, simply follow the steps outlined below. These steps will guide you through downloading and installing the necessary applications on your smartphone.

  1. Downloading the SETRACKER App:
    • For iPhone Users: Visit the App Store and search for "SETRACKER". Alternatively, use the direct link: SETRACKER for iOS.
    • For Android Users: Go to the Google Play Store and search for "SETRACKER". You can also download it directly using this link: SETRACKER for Android.

Option 2: Remote Configuration Service

If you would prefer our team to handle the setup, we offer a comprehensive remote configuration service. This service ensures your watch is programmed to meet your specific needs.

  • To utilise this service, please fill out the remote configuration form available at: Remote Setup Form.

By choosing the option that best suits your preferences, you can ensure that your smart watch is ready to use in a manner that fits your lifestyle and requirements